This page will hopefully provide a collection of resources to people who are looking to expand their knowledge of intriguing, and useful, information.  I seek out interesting, and informative, websites, journalists, radio shows, podcasts, etc., and post them here, along with my quick thoughts of each.

The No Agenda Show ( - The No Agenda Podcast is a bi-weekly (Sunday and Thursday) podcast that is run by former MTV VJ Adam Curry, and American columnist John C Dvorak.  Adam and John discuss world events by analyzing various audio clips from mainstream media, newspaper articles, and government documents.  Their show has proven to be fairly accurate in predictions, from my experience.  This is a good podcast for all the people that feel too much of this "truth" type information is negative, because they have a comedic tone to much of their show.  They don't take any sponsors, and are completely listener funded.

Peace Revolution Podcast ( - Peace Revolution is focused on educating it's listeners on the history of education, money, the CIA, the New World Order, and much more.  Every claim made by the people at the Peace Revolution podcast is documented, and resourced, therefore creating a highly enlightening listening experience.  This group contains some of the most informed, and researched, individuals that I have come across on these topics.  There are no advertisements on this podcast.  The Peace Revolution Podcast is highly recommended to anyone attempting to understand the world around them.

Red Ice Radio ( -  Red Ice is a radio show hosted by a well informed, Swedish based, English speaking man, named Henrik Palmgren.  Henrik has discussions with some of the most interesting researchers from across the world, on a variety of topics including; Ancient Civilizations, Lost Human Races, Numerology, Meteorology, Pyschology, History, Conspiracy, and much more.  I have came across many interesting subjects, and people, on Red Ice Radio, that I have never heard about before, on any other program.

The Corbett Report ( - The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source, run by Japanese based, American born, James Corbett.  Corbett seems to get a lot of respect in the alternative-media community for his ability to separate the facts of a story, from the fiction.  He puts out a new, informative, audio/podcast multiple times a week.

Gnostic Media (  Gnostic Media is run by a man named Jan Irvin, who releases a podcast every couple weeks or so.  Jan has many informative guests on his show, discussing a wide range of interesting subjects, such as the Trivium Method of learning, Trans humanism, CIA drug pushing, and much more.  Jan specializes in MK Ultra Mind Control, and the history of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Cutting Through The Matrix ( - This is the official site of Alan Watt.  Alan has a daily, one-hour broadcast focusing on the bigger picture of the New World Order.  He uses daily news stories and connects them to the influence of the New World Order, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute of International Affiars, and other shadowy secretive organizations run by the elite.  Alan Watt doesn't take on advertisers, and is completely listener funded.  Alan Watt gets criticized for being boring.  I am entertained by information, so I find him to be intriguing.  (Update: Alan Watt has since switched to recording a weekly program, but has left his vast archive of recordings available for download at his site.)

Infowars ( - This site is run by one of the most popular people in alternative media, Alex Jones.  Alex runs a daily radio program from 12 pm - 3 pm, and his site has tons of information with links.  Some people criticize Alex Jones for being a "fear monger" , or a person who uses information to get you scared, to sell you his products.  I understand this criticism, and somewhat agree, but I have listened to many radio programs, and podcasts, from many different people, and I have to say that Alex Jones has some of the most informative, entertaining, consistent, accurate, and interesting programs, as well as a superb list of guests.

Radio Liberty ( - This is a radio show run by Dr. Stan Monteith, who has over thirty years experience researching the New World Order, world government, secret societies, and what he calls "the brotherhood of darkness."  Dr. Stan has a daily radio show/podcast, and much of the show is available for download through the link provided.  Dr. Stan is an elderly man, and at times, his age does show, but he has a wide array of informative guests on his guests, and provides thought-provoking analysis.  (Update:  Dr. Stan has passed away.)

World Crisis Radio ( - This is the official site of Historian Webster G. Tarpley, who puts out a new podcast, "World Crisis Radio", every Saturday.  When it comes to historical dates, names, etc., Webster Tarpley is the man.  He analyzes daily world events, and accurately depicts and predicts events that unfold and will unfold, throughout the world.  Tarpley gets criticized for his political leanings, which seem to be extremely left-leaning, but the accuracy of his information is superb.  He runs a weekly radio show, with a new podcast every Saturday.


Connecticut General Assembly ( - This is the official government site for the Connecticut General Assembly.  You can view the most current legislative documents in Connecticut.  Find out which bills your representative is proposing, or how he/she has voted on other legislation.

CT Network ( CT-N is like the C-Span of Connecticut.  CT-N provides video coverage of many public hearings, boards meetings, etc., that occur in Connecticut state government.  Most of these meetings are quite boring, however, if you pay attention, you will start to notice the outlandishness of most government officials, and really with government itself.

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