Many of the written analyses on Connecting The Agenda tend to be rather lengthy, therefore an audio file and/or video presentations are provided for various articles.  To stay up to date with the latest videos, subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Forced Recycling Is A Scam (published April 28, 2017)
(video link) (transcript w/ sources)

There are a few proposals in the state of Connecticut this year that would make changes to the bottle deposit law.  Instead of going over the intricacies of the bills, I thought it would be better to simply show how forced recycling is a scam.

Soros Influencing CT Affordable Housing Laws (published April 10, 2017)
(video link) (transcript w/ sources)

Infamous billionaire George Soros funds many organizations in the state of Connecticut, including the Open Communities Alliance which tries to remove the sovereignty of local towns by accusing them of being racist.

Who Wants Toll Roads In Connecticut? Answer: The Rockefellers
(published on March 27, 2017)
(video link) (transcript w/ sources)

For those out here that are unaware, the state of Connecticut is contemplating creating a system of congestion pricing, a newer version of toll roads, on some of the states roads. If you are a Connecticut resident you might be thinking 'Who in their right mind would support an increase in taxes in a state that already taxes its residents at exorbitant rates and has a problem managing their already enormous budget?' The short answer: The Rockefellers.

"Why Have I Never Heard of Agenda 21?" (published on March 20, 2017)
(video link) (transcript w/ sources)

Every once in a while when I am attempting to inform someone of the sustainable development Agenda 21 plan that is being implemented across the state, country, and world, I get the response, "why have I never heard of that before?" It is a fair question. How can such a vast and influential plan for the world, that affects everyone, be being implemented everywhere, and yet most people have never heard of it? This is my somewhat brief answer to that question.

George Soros, The Ideal Globalist (published on March 13, 2017)
(video link) (transcript w/ sources)

George Soros seems to epitomize the image that many infer when they use the term "globalist" in a negative connotation. A one world government pushing, population control advocating, convicted criminal billionaire investor looking to impose his vision for the world on the world.

Discussion with Lori on Liberty 94.9 FM (recorded on February 19, 2017)
(video link)

I was invited to speak on 94.9 FM by Lori-Hopkins Cavanagh for her show Lori on Liberty. It was my first time on the radio and I now see that I have much room for improvement. With that said, I feel it was a productive conversation in which I was able to put forth important information. I added some graphics to this video to complement some of the things that we were speaking about.

You can listen to "Lori on Liberty" live Sundays 1-3 p.m. Eastern time by going here:

Go To Work and Give the Government Your Children: The Feminist UN Agenda 21 Plan to Empower Women

This is a multi-part series discussing the role that feminism is playing in the implementation of United Nations Agenda 21. The full series makes connections between Agenda 21, communism, feminism, abortion, population control, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Ted Turner, Planned Parenthood, The Rockefeller family, and much more.  For a full transcript of this analysis, with source material, go here

The sections include (full playlist):

  1. Introduction (video)
  2. Feminist Collectivism (video)
  3. Population Control (video)
  4. Housewives Are Bad (video)
  5. Women In Charge (video)
  6. Education In the New World Order (video)
  7. Promoting World Government (video)
  8. The Rockefeller Connection to Feminism, Population Control, Agenda 21, and more (video)
  9. Feminist Population Control in Connecticut (video)

The Problems with Connecticut Climate Change Policy

This is a video playlist for a multi series report discussing the various issues with Connecticut climate change policy.

The sections include (full playlist):
  1. Is Man-Made Global Warming Real? (video) (transcript)
  2. Inaccurate Data (video) (transcript)
  3. The War on Cars (video) (transcript)
  4. The Rockefeller Connection (video) (transcript) (.mp3 audio link)
  5. Connection to the United Nations (video) (transcript)
  6. They Want Us Poor (video) (transcript)
  7. Smart Meters/Smart Grid (video) (transcript)

Children's Edition of United Nations Agenda 21: Blatant Anti-Human Propaganda

This is a multi-part video analysis of Rescue Mission: Planet Earth , the children's edition of United Nations Agenda 21.  The full analysis in written form can be viewed here.

The sections include (full playlist):
  1. Introduction (video)
  2. Bad, Bad Humans (video)
  3. Population Control (video)
  4. Lifestyle Changes (video)
  5. New Measurements of Wealth (video)
  6. Industry & Employment (video)
  7. World Government (video)
  8. Get Angry, Kids (video)
  9. War on Men (video)
  10. Vaccinations (video)
  11. NGOs (video)
  12. War (video)

How Will Sustainable Development Occur In America Without President Trumps Support?  (published January 23, 2017)
(video link)

How will the sustainable development movement in America continue to prosper with a President that is not a believer in man made climate change?  Will these groups still receive the important grants and funding from the federal government that they have relied on for so long?  I attempt to find the answer to these questions in this video as I read documents and attend local meetings in Connecticut.

Exxon Accuses Rockefellers of Climate Change Conspiracy (published January 10, 2017)
(video link)

Exxon Mobil has claimed that the Rockefellers were using various front organizations in an effort to smear Exxon because the company wasn't pushing the climate change narrative as hard as the Rockefellers would like.  I have been discussing this subversive Rockefeller influence for some time now, and to have a global corporation allude to this influence is satisfying.  

Also discussed in this video is the recent pick of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State by President elect Donald Trump to be Secretary of State and how this may tie in to the global sustainable development movement.

CT Governor Dan Malloy's New Message for 2016 (published February 27, 2016)
(video link) (.mp3 audio link) (transcript)

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy opened the 2016 legislative session with a new message: get used to a lowering of your standard of living because the pre-recession prosperity of your parent's days where wages and home prices went up is not coming back.  In this analysis, we make the connection between Governor Malloy's recent message of austerity cuts and the United Nations Agenda 21 plan of reduction in living standards of industrialized nations.

"Your Children Aren't Yours" - The Feminist Communist Agenda 21 View on Children and Families (published January 11, 2016)
(video link) (.mp3 audio link) (transcript w/ sources)

"Your Children Aren't Yours" makes a connection between Feminism, Homosexuality, Collectivism, mainstream media, and the anti-family agenda.  This short analysis is excerpted from the longer article "Go To Work and Give The Government Your Children: The Feminist UN Agenda 21 Plan To "Empower" Women".

Toll Roads, Gas Tax Increase, and Other Schemes That Connecticut Is Mulling Over To Force You Onto Public Transportation (published January 29, 2015)
(video link) (.mp3 audio link) (transcript w/ sources)

This is an analysis of a transportation forum that took place in Connecticut, the key note speaker being Robert Puentes, from the Brookings Institution, an organization that receives funding from the Ford, and Rockefeller, foundations.  This analysis describes how transportation advocates in the state, being influenced by outside organizations, are pushing the state to adopt policies that would favor public transportation, and discourage private motor vehicle ownership.  Topics discussed include: gas tax, toll roads, land value capture, tax-free foundations, public/private partnerships, complete streets, bike sharing, and more.

Examining A Questionable Big Pharma Influence in Connecticut Law and Politics (published December 31, 2014)
(video link)(.mp3 audio link) (transcript w/ sources)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is one of the largest private foundations in the country, and has significant influence in law and politics.  This analysis explores some of the legislation and programs, in Connecticut, being influenced by the RWJF, it's connection to Johnson & Johnson, one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies.  Topics discussed include:  Forced mental health assessments, government home visitation programs, ObamaCare, and more.

In Response To Michael Nicastro's Criticism of Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theorists (published October 15, 2014) 
(video link) (.mp3 audio link) (transcript w/ sources)

Former President of the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, Michael Nicastro, submitted an opinion piece in the Bristol Observer where he criticized those residents, and elected officials, of the city of Bristol who are calling for a referendum, or a public vote, on the Renaissance proposal for the redevelopment of the downtown area.  In the article, Nicastro denounces an unnamed group of Bristol residents, who are opposed to the Renaissance proposal, calling them "conspiracy theorists", for their concern about Agenda 21.  In the following analysis, these accusations are discussed, as we attempt to get to the truth about Agenda 21, sustainable development, and changes occurring across Connecticut. 


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