Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Police Looking To Charge Local Rappers With Terrorism After They Post An Anti-Police Song On Youtube

Local Pittsburgh news is reporting that rappers from the city made a song "threatening" police and praising convicted cop killer Richard Poplawski. The news report doesn't mention the name of the song or artist, nor does it mention the actual "threats" made to police, but the reason I posted this was because at 1:15 in the video, the news anchor says these rappers could be charged with "terrorism", and sent away to prison "for decades to come".

Last month I documented another case where criminal prosecutors in the Bronx were trying to charge Edgar Morales, an American citizen, as a terrorist, because of a gang related murder he was involved in.

The problem with charging people with terrorism is that the American government has made it very clear as to how they plan to treat terrorists, with bills like The Patriot Act, and the NDAA.  People labeled 'terrorist' will not be allowed even the most basic rights.  You can be indefintely detained with no trial.  You can "disappear".

Sometimes referred to as "domestic terrorism" or "homegrown terrorism", we should all be watching for this trend in domestic law enforcement.

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