Saturday, December 1, 2012

Salvation Army Executive Charged In Theft Of Over $2 Million Worth Of Donated Toys & More

David Rennie

David Rennie, the former executive director of a Salvation Army facility, has been charged in the alleged massive theft of thousands of toys and donations from the charity's Toronto warehouse.  The Salvation Army announced the theft last week, saying up to 100,000 items worth about $2 million were allegedly stolen from the facility in Toronto's North End over nearly two years.  The thefts took place over two years. Police were alerted Nov. 6 after the missing items were detected in an internal audit by the Salvation Army, Gotell said.

Rennie was on paid leave after an employee blew the whistle on the theft in August. He was fired in mid-November.  In 2001 Rennie declared bankruptcy, with debts of $280,000. His Salvation Army salary in 2011 was $111,215.

Rennie is believed to be in cahoots with a company called Northern Sales Group, a wholesale business who are involved in the scheme on some level, according to the Toronto Star.  In a warehouse northwest of Toronto, police found 146 wooden platforms stacked with toys, baby cribs, strollers, porcelain dolls, Axe body spray, fruit cups, two missing CCM bicycles donated by Premier Dalton McGuinty's office for children at a Salvation Army camp, and other items.

I have documented past cases of theft, and fraud, involving big charity organizations.  I believe the majority of big charities are too corrupt for me to ever give support to.  I feel we should all give our time, energy, and money to causes we directly involve ourselves in, physically.

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