Monday, March 11, 2013

Connecticut Business Owners Could Soon Face $500 Fine For Not Having Paper Towels In Restroom

A new act proposed by the state's Public Health Committee could result in a fine, of up to $500, to any business that does not have 'a device used for dispensing paper towels', or if that device is not 'kept stocked with paper towels at all reasonable times.'

Read the actual proposed bill, House Bill 6484, AN ACT REQUIRING PAPER TOWELS IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS, here.

I can just imagine how one of the psychopath, control-freak, politicians on the Public Health Committee came up with this one.  He/She probably washed their hands in a public restroom, had no paper towels to dry their hands on, and then angrily thought to themselves, "There should be a law against this!".

Right now there are legislators in Hartford who want photographers taking pictures of you in your car, legislators who believe it is their role as representatives to change your culture, and even one representative who thinks it is appropriate to tell a seventeen year old girl testifying in front of a state committee, that he has a 'snake sitting under' his desk for her.

We have to get involved in local politics, and know who these people are that are representing us because, in the words of George Carlin (video below), "if you have selfish, ignorant citizens...your going to get selfish, ignorant leaders"

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