Friday, April 26, 2013

Orwellian Talk In Boston Bombing, Making Martial Law Sound Nice

We have officially entered George Orwell's 1984! Listen to this news report about the Boston Bombing, and the martial law that took place (video above). At 1:10, the news reporter says "each time the Swat team would RESCUE a family, at the point of a gun, they would rush into the home". Now they call it being "RESCUED", when the police point a gun at your head, and force you out of your house! And he says it more than once!

Also, at 1:00, listen to the brain dead Father, holding his daughter, saying it was stressful that the police were pointing guns at him, while holding his daughter, but he knows "they're doing the right thing".

Come on people, wake up, two crazy people on the loose doesn't mean you give up your rights!!

And I truly believe this was all a test on the American people. The American Revolution started in that area, partly over door-to-door searches by the English troops, and now this was done as a symbol. We failed.

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