Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Revolutionary Singer Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Three Months in Jail, and Psychiatric Counselling Over Conspiracy Theories

Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in jail over "tax evasion", and the judge orders her to see a therapist because Hill believes there is a "conspiracy" to control the music industry. People, it's time to wake up, and understand what is happening in this world. Lauryn Hill was a beautiful soul, with talent to change the world, with her music, and was DESTROYED by the evil people in control of the music industry. Just like Micheal Jackson, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, and everyone else who attempted to expose the truth behind the entertainment industry. Understand that Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc., are all ALLOWED to be big stars, because they are promoting DESTRUCTIVE lifestyles. Turn off the radio, and find intelligent, positive, artists for you, and your children, to listen to, because music has too much of a powerful effect on our brains, to allow some nonsensical poison into our subconscious.

Listen to this song "Lauryn Hill - I Get Out" (below), and really listen to what she is saying. If you have an understanding of what she is speaking on, this song could bring tears to your eyes. 

And FUCK THE IRS!!! They are nothing but a bunch of criminals, who selectively enforce the tax law on anyone who opposes this corrupt government.

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