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Ten Documentaries about Undercover Police, the Rockefellers, 9/11 Truth, the United Nations, Scientology, Money, and more

A random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent my documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 3.

9/11 - Press for Truth  (added 10/20/13)

It is always a good idea to, every once in a while, watch one, of the many, documentaries that examine the events of September 11, 2001.  There are many inconsistencies with the official story, and "9/11 - Press for Truth" exposes more of them.  This film follows six women who had their loves ones killed in the attacks, and the fight they have lead to try to get the complete truth of what really happened on that day.  "9/11 - Press for Truth" is a well put together documentary, with news clips, and source material to corroborate the information discussed.  Recommended.

Money As Debt  (added 10/18/13)

A quick, easy to understand, history of debt based money is given in this 45-minute documentary.  Much of the video is comprimised of cartoon drawings, that make it easier to understand the concepts discussed in this film.  "Money As Debt" is more of a beginners guide to the history of money, as opposed to a film like "The Money Masters" which contains more complex explanations, as well as specific dates, and names, throughout history.

The Money Masters (added 10/11/13)

"The Money Masters" uses over three hours to analyze a few centuries of history, in relation to the money changers.  These international bankers have been manipulating societies for a long time, and this documentary does a great job in covering it.  The creator of this video, Bill Still, is extremely knowledgeable.  Although this film was created in 1996, the information in it, is timeless.  This is a must see documentary, to truly understand how economies, and societies, are built up, and destroyed.

Catholic Investigative Agency : The Rockefeller Foundation (added 09/29/13)

In this thirty-minute film, a man named Michael Voris, working through a group called the Catholic Investigative Agency, exposes The Rockefeller Foundation's involvement in eugenics, the "pro-life" movement, the subversion of religion, communism, and more.  Though the creators of this documentary approach this topic from a Catholic perspective, much of the information provided is cited, thus enabling further research.  The Rockefeller Foundation is highly involved with implementing Agenda 21 throughout the country, including Connecticut, which I have documented, and believe it is important to get a better understanding of this organization.    

The U.N. Deception (added 09/21/13)

The U.N. Deception exposes the true intentions of the United Nations, to get rid of the sovereignty of individual nation states, and bring in a world government.  I write a lot about United Nations Agenda 21, and this film helps uncover some of the diabolical schemes taking place at this organization.  This film was produced in 2001, by the John Birch Society, and though some people criticize the John Birch Society for various reasons, there is enough document-able evidence for the claims made in this documentary, that if the viewer is able to see past any partisan, or bias, displayed in this video, it can be an extremely enlightening experience.  I highly recommended this documentary.

PsyWar (added 09/19/13)

PsyWar is a 90 minute documentary about the history of our elite rulers using psychological warfare techniques on the citizenry, and how various means of communication are used to deliberately spread false information, or disinformation, to create fear, persuade opinion, and manipulate outcomes.  The creators of this film seem to lean to the left, politically, and it somewhat shows in this production, however, excluding opinion, this documentary has some interesting facts, that can be noted, and further explored in your own research.

The Great Global Warming Swindle (added 09/14/13)

The Great Global Warming Swindle attempts to make the case that man-made global warming is NOT a fact, not an idea that is accepted by all scientists, and is actually one of the biggest hoaxes pulled in the history of mankind.  There is a lot of convincing data, and information, from various scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and more, that the filmmakers use to make their case.  I am not a scientist, nor do I pretend to understand everything involved with climate, however I do find it odd that I am being told, by multi-millionaires, like Al Gore, and Barack Obama, that my simple lifestyle is ruining the earth, but yet they are flying all over the place, and have multiple houses scattered throughout the country.

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The True Story of Che Guevara (added 09/08/13)

You see him all over T-shirts, and posters, but do you really know who Che Guevara was, or what he represented?  This documentary takes a quick glimpse into the incredible life of this revolutionary.

Scientology: Inside the Cult (added 08/03/13)

A quick twenty-five minute expose from the year 1995, where hidden cameras go inside the Church of Scientology organization, in London.  A brief history on Scientology is also discussed.  I do not know much about the Church of Scientology, but the mystique surrounding the group intrigues me, and this video furthered my curiosity.

Confessions of an Undercover Cop  (added 07/30/13)

This is a film about how an Undercover Cop named Mark Kennedy, infiltrated an environmental group, causing friction, and arrests, within the group.  It seems as if the film maker attempts to use a love affair involving Mark Kennedy, to try to make you relate to, and feel sorry for, him, but don't get distracted from the reality, Kennedy is an immoral, infiltrating, scumbag, government agent.  This documentary is important for everyone to watch, to help us understand how most movements/organizations, even non-violent, positive, open, groups, are infiltrated, or monitored, by government agents.

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