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Ten Documentaries about the Frankfurt School, the Soviet Union, Anarchy, Nephilim, and more

This is a random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent the documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 9.

The Privatization of Roads and Highways | Walter Block (added 12/05/14)

When the topic of freedom, free-markets, and the problem with government involvement, is being discussed, one question that usually comes up is, "without the government, who will build the roads?"  This is the question addressed by Anarco-Capitalist philosopher, Walter Block, in this 97 minute presentation.  Block makes a moral, as well as an economic, case, for the privatization of roads, including his belief that road accidents would be reduced if the roads were not managed by government.  This presentation also includes Block briefly discussing libertarian punishment theory, as well as taking critical questions from his fellow panelists.

Spy Catcher (added 11/29/14)

Spy Catcher is a documentary of former MI5 counterintelligence officer Peter Wright, and the information he exposed in his book, Spy Catcher.  Topics discussed in this film include the accusations surrounding Prime Minister Harold Wilson being a Soviet agent, the British giving the Soviets planes, Wright writing misleading information in his book, and more.  This documentary appears to be biased against Wright.  This film is from 1988, thus the quality is not the best.

LA Marzulli - Nephilim | The Evidence (added 11/16/14)

This is an hour long interview, conducted by Freeman, of researcher LA Marzulli, on the topic of ancient civilizations, and races, specifically on beings with elongated skulls.  Marzulli has written books on the Nephilim, the giants mentioned in the Bible.  This is a pretty interesting interview, as Marzulli uses pictures and recreated skulls to make his case.  I am no expert in this field, though have heard various claims to giants, and other races of human beings, existing in the world, in the past, but Marzulli seems to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject.  I am not sure how much of this information is up for debate.  This is an interesting interview to check out if you are new to this subject matter.

Disney's Dark Secrets - Atlantis Sorcerers - FreemanTV (added 10/30/14)

This is a presentation by Freeman, of, a man known for his information on occult history, and hidden symbolism.  In this film, Freeman discusses hidden signs in architectural structures like obelisks from all over the country, and the Georgia guide stones.  Freeman offers interesting information, though, rarely presents any references to his information.  This video is also not the best quality.

Israel Spies On The USA (added 10/18/14)

This is a quick twenty minute feature, done by Fox News, on the influence of the Israeli government in the United States, in the area of spies, and underground networks.  I find it interesting that Fox News would create this type of report.  The description in the YouTube video claims that Fox News has since removed this video from their site, and has distanced themselves completely from it.  I am not sure how true that is.  Either way, this video is not the best quality, but still watchable, and fairly enlightening.

The Kinsey Syndrome (added 08/19/14)

The Kinsey Syndrome is another documentary about the controversial Dr. Alfred Kinsey.  This film is longer, and goes into more depth, than the previously posted documentary Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles.  The Kinsey Syndrome takes a much more critical look at the history, experiments, and character of Dr. Kinsey, compared with Secret History... and includes interviews with leading critics such as Judith Resiman.  Much of this documentary is incredibly disturbing, but, in my opinion, is essential to watch, to understand many of today's events.  This film actually touches on the congressional committee dedicated to investigate tax-free foundations, which uncovered the Rockefeller Foundation's funding of Dr. Kinsey's research, but was eventually blocked from looking further into the studies.  Topics discussed include: Kinsey's manipulation of data, NAMBLA, Kinsey's connections to people like Hugh Hefner and Alister Crowley, and much more.  I highly recommend this documentary.

Secret History: Kinsey's Pedophiles (added 08/15/14)

This is a British documentary on the very controversial Dr. Alfred Kinsey.  Kinsey is credited with sparking the sexual revolution of the mid-twentieth century with his book, Sexual Behavior In The Human Male, published in the late 1940's.  This book dealt with child sexuality, and to get information on this topic, Kinsey formulated relationships with habitual child molesters, even congratulating them on their findings.  A former associate of Dr. Kinsey can be seen in this film, making incredible claims, attempting to justify the work of the Kinsey, and the Kinsey Institute.  The viewer will also learn about the odd sexual behavior of Dr. Kinsey, and how far he would go, associating pain with pleasure.

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The Soviet Story (added 08/03/14)

The Soviet Story is an interesting documentary discussing the devastating effects of Communism in Russia, and Collectivism in general.  This film discusses the mass murder committed by the Soviet government, including the extermination of the Ukrainians, where millions were starved to death.  An example of the brutal policies of the regime is shown in a note from Lenin which directs his subordinates to hang people, and kill them in such a way that people within hundreds of miles will tremble.  This documentary also briefly explores the intimate connection between Communism of the Soviet Union, and National Socialism of Germany, showing the similarity in ideals, rhetoric, and propaganda.  Gruesome experiments conducted by the Soviet Union on humans is also briefly discussed.  One problem with this documentary is that many people interviewed, speak in a foreign language, but the documentary does not provide an English translation.  Even with this flaw, this documentary is highly informative, and interesting.

The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory (added 08/02/14)

This is a presentation given by a professor at Yale University discussing the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.  I decided to watch this after a hearing about Theodor Adorno of the Frankfurt school, and some interesting topics related to him.  There were a lot of names, and concepts, used in this presentation that I am not familiar with as of yet, therefore making the vast majority of this presentation incomprehensible to me.  The professor does touch on Adorno's hate of the United States, and their culture, including the music, and movies.  This is not a presentation that I would recommend at this time.

Herbert Marcuse on the Frankfurt School (added 07/28/14)

This is a decades-old interview with the highly influential German philosopher Herbert Marcuse, of the Frankfurt School.  Marcuse, who the interviewer calls "the father of the new left movement", discusses how the radical student movements in the sixties were using a lot of his terminology, though Marcuse criticizes the new left for the way they interpreted Karl Marx.  Marcuse discusses how his associates at the Frankfurt school "considered psychology one of the main branches of knowledge that had to be integrated with Marxian theory", merging the theories of Sigmund Freud with those of Karl Marx.  Marcuse also discusses his belief that more of a focus should be on the womens liberation movement, describing "male domination" as "violent and brutal".  I would not recommend this interview to anyone other than people who are looking to get a greater understanding of Herbert Marcuse, the Frankfurt School, or Cultural Marxism.

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