Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Are We In A Depression? President Obama Says No; CT Governor Dan Malloy Says Yes.

Excerpt from video: "If you haven't watched my latest videos, it is discussed how Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy has been propagating a new message for 2016.  The Governor is now saying that we are in an economic downturn that resembles the Great Depression, where wages and home values will not continuously rise.  I'm making this video because I was just watching President Obama speaking at South by Southwest a few days ago, originally recorded March 12, 2016, and I hear him imply that the economy is doing good and saying that he SAVED us from the Great Depression.  Now, Malloy and Obama seem to be pretty close, as Malloy was "honored" with a seat next to the first lady during the Presidents 2016 State of the Union speech, so I would think that the Governor and the President would have a much more similar opinion on such a fundamental issue.  I don't know but either way Dan Malloy is saying we are in the depression, while Obama is saying that he saved us from the depression, here are the clips"
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