Friday, October 12, 2012

"Is Gang Member A Terrorist?" - The American Government Is Trying Everything To Label As Many People Terrorist As Possible.

In the Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, addition of the Republican-American, I came across an article written by Michael Virtanen of the Associated Press titled "Court considers:  Is gang member a terrorist?".  This article discusses how criminal prosecutors in the Bronx are trying to charge Edgar Morales, an American citizen, as a terrorist, because of a gang related murder he was involved in.  I am seeing more and more articles attempting to charge ordinary American citizens with "terrorist" charges, often referring to it as "domestic terrorism", or "homegrown terrorism".  The problem with doing this is our government has made it obvious with bills like the Patriot Act, and the NDAA, that people labeled "terrorist" will not be granted any of the inalienable rights that are supposedly inherit in every person, as stated in the Declaration of Independence,  Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution.  So you may find yourself getting taken from your home, and held in a jail cell "indefinitely", with no charges brought up against you, because you have been labeled a "terrorist".  I will reporting on this topic more in depth, in future reports.

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