Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Caught On Tape: Woman Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Cop Tasers Her 3 Times During Traffic Stop

The police pull this woman over, get her out the car, want to search her bag, she refuses, she tries to get back in her car, the cops taser her three times, and finally the lady catches a heart attack.  When a toxicology report was taken of this woman, there were no drugs in her system. 

As I will continue to show with my work, our justice system is completely unjust.  The police had no right to take this lady out of her car, and no right to search her bag.  So when they are acting illegally, what are you to do?  This lady thought she was in a free country, and almost died because of it. 

And why taser this woman?  Did she pose such a great threat, that two grown men could not subdue her with their hands?  Police are given free-reign with these deadly devices, and are beginning to use them more frequently.  Cops are too comfortable with these tazers on their side.  Last week I reported how a police officer tasered a ten year old boy after the child refused to clean the officers car.  Locally, last month the The Republican American reported the town of Watertown, CT spending $25,000 to ensure every cop has a taser.

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