Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monsanto's Genetically Modified Cotton Seed Causing Major Health Concerns In India

Monsanto took over the cotton seed industry in India and are forcing millions of farmers to plant Monsanto's genetically modified BT cotton.  BT cotton is engineered to produce an insecticide which breaks open the stomach of insects and kills them.  The Indian farmers who are working with the BT cotton, are complaining of rashes and itching to their skin.  Also, Indian farmers allow their animals to graze on the cotton plants after harvest, and have had no problem for years.  When BT cotton was introduced, thousands of animals died after grazing.

BT cotton is also expensive, and extremely unreliable.  This combination of factors is leading to a massive plague of suicides among cotton farmers in India.

Monsanto is one of the most infamous corporations in the world.  Anytime one of these crazy stories come out about scientists engineering crops, Monsanto is usually behind it.  On Wednesday  I reported how Aspartame, another genetically engineered food product from Monsanto, was linked in a new study to the development of Leukemia.

We must stop these scientists who are so vehemently dedicated to genetically engineering a new world.

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