Sunday, November 4, 2012

Donald Trump Embarrasses Himself On David Letterman

Donald Trump is a complete douche-bag.  Trump went on the David Letterman show, and talked about how he supports Romney because they both believe that China is "ripping our heart out...and we just do nothing to protect ourselves."  Later in the interview, he is promoting his signature line of shirts and ties, at which point David Letterman points out they are all MADE IN CHINA! The look on Donald Trumps face is priceless.

To the average person, this may seem like complete hypocrisy, and it is.  These billionaires believe they are above the rules that they set for the rest of us to follow.  This is similar to billionaire Ted Turner calling for a world wide one-child policy, but he himself has five children.  These people get rich because they are psychopaths, and team up with other powerful psychopaths, to rip the rest of us off.

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