Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Evidence of Voter Fraud, Manipulation, etc.

Today, new allegations of voter manipulation are surfacing.  First there seems to be an illegal push to get residents of mental hospitals to register to vote.  Wendell Justin Williamson, a resident of a North Carolina mental institute, who a judge ruled was not guilty of killing of two people by reason of insanity, was registered on September 13th, and cast an absentee ballot on October 15th.

I would guess, from my experiences, this to be a tactic being used by the Democratic party.  My suspicions ring true, at least in the case of Jimmy Green, who claims his mentally disabled step-daughter, was coerced into registering to vote, and into voting for Barack Obama, but she "had never voted before...and doesn't understand the concept of casting a ballot...She didn't even know there's two different parties."

On Thursday, I reported on a couple of interesting circumstances involving this years election, and what seemed to be voter fraud/manipulation.  First, there were reports on how business associates of Mitt Romney, actually own a company that distributes voting machines around the country.  On the other side of the political spectrum, there were reports about how other voting machines, not owned by Romney's buddies, were switching the votes of early voters, to ensure only Barack Obama was picked.  So this election is attempted to be manipulated by both corrupt political parties, as usual.

Everything about the American election process is wrong, from the electoral voting machines, to the electoral colleges, to the puppet candidates, we need a drastic change.

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