Thursday, November 15, 2012

Relatives of The Bush Family, The Clinton Family, and The Gore Family All Interested In Political Positions

On November 09, 2012 Fox News ran a story titled "George P. Bush, nephew of former president, reportedly makes campaign filing in Texas."  That's right, we may have a new Bush to deal with in upcoming elections, George P. Bush, the nephew of former President George W. Bush, and the eldest son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

The HRT (Hispanic Republicans of Texas) profile of George P. Bush says he first practiced law, and then went into real estate investment.  In other words, he has done nothing to contribute to society.  The government is full of lawyers, all knowing how to use the right words to deceive the people, and still legally get away with it later.

Also interesting to note on George P. Bush is that he "has Navy service on his resume, including a six-month deployment to Afghanistan."  But of course a Bush wouldn't risk getting his hands dirty in boot camp or physical war:

"the United States Navy Reserve announced the selection of Bush for training as an intelligence officer through the direct commission officer program, a Navy initiative whereby applicants in specialized civilian fields forgo the eight-week boot camp and - instead - attend a 90-hour class on military history and customs." (Wikipedia)

At the age of 12, George P. Bush spoke before the 1988 Republican National Convention, which nominated his grandfather. He also spoke at the 1992 convention, when H.W. Bush was renominated.  

Combining his work in "intelligence", with him speaking at Republican Conventions since he was a child, it would seem to me that this man has been getting groomed to eventually be in some sort of position of power. 

Americans have always rejected the idea of having kings, queens, royal bloodlines, monarchy, dictators, etc., but what is the difference between that, and what is taking place now?  We have literally been "lead" by generations of Bushs.  And what about the Clintons?  First Bill Clinton was President, his wife Hillary is Secretary of State, with presidential ambitions, and now their daughter, Chelsea Clinton "leaves door open to running for political office".  Even a relative of former Vice President Al Gore was running for senate in Mississippi this election season, but lost.  This just continues a long line of aristocracy, and a system of nepotism that exists in Washington.  

These people are psychopaths, they crave power.  They marry other people who crave power, and create children with even heavier psychopathic traits.  We need to reject this idea of an elite class that is allowed to feed off of, and rule us.  

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