Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Montana Man Faces Minimum of 80 Years In Prison For Legally Growing Medical Marijuana

(7 Minute NY Times Documentary on Chris Williams and Marijuana)

The NY Times reports, "Chris Williams opened a marijuana grow house in Montana after the state legalized medical cannabis. Mr. Williams was eventually arrested by federal agents despite Montana’s medical marijuana law, and he may spend the rest of his life behind bars. "

This man got convicted and is facing a minimum of 80 years in prison, and he has not hurt anybody. In a recent comparison, Jerry Sandusky, who ruined the lives of many children, had a minimum sentence of 30 years.

As I previously discussed, though the majority of Americans support medical marijuana, the federal government is not respecting state laws, thus not respecting the will of the people.

Who are these people that want to keep marijuana from the people?  The same people that approve deadly prescription medicines. The war on drugs is unjust. Lets stop it.  The American justice system is unjust.  Lets change it.

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