Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Celebrating The Re-Election Of Barack Obama? This Child From Pakistan Isn't

"This little boy was named Naeemullah. He was in his house — maybe playing, maybe sleeping, maybe having a meal — when an American drone missile was fired into the residential area where he lived and blew up the house next door.

As Wired reports, shrapnel and debris went flying through the walls of Naeemullah’s house and ripped through his small body. When the attack was over — when the buzzing drone sent with Augustinian wisdom by the Peace Laureate was no longer lurking over the village, shadowing the lives of every defenseless inhabitant with the terrorist threat of imminent death, Naeemullah was taken to the hospital in a nearby town."

If this child had cancer, or diabetes, everyone would be ready to wear ribbons, and run marathons to support him, but WHY then, when he is murdered, with our money, we stay quiet?

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