Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Orwellian Talking Surveillance Cameras Become Reality In Mount Vernon, NY

The latest big brother device to bring us closer to the future envisioned by George Orwell, in his book "1984", is surveillance cameras in public places, that record conversations, take video, snap pictures, and shout orders.

Talking cameras installed in dilapidated playgrounds in Mount Vernon, NY.

A local ABC news affiliate in Mount Vernon, NY has reported (video above) on a small community that now has to deal with talking surveillance cameras, that give trespassers the following warning: "Stop! This is a restricted area, and your photograph was just taken! We will use it prosecute you! Leave the area now!"

Each unit cost $6000.  It is important to remember the cost of the devices, as you will most likely see your city/town justifying purchasing these devices, and other big brother, Orwellian, tracking, police state-type devices, while at the same time telling you that they don't have enough money for, and have to cut, public programs that actually help people.

At 1:16 in the video, they interview a gentleman from the neighborhood, inside of the playground that the camera is pointed towards, which looks terrible, who rightfully points out "There's nothing in here, so why you got cameras in here?".

City Councilman Yuhanna Edwards defends the surveillance camera with the typical response that a tyrant gives to people that stick up for their rights, "You hear people say 'Why all these cameras'?  But if you're not doing anything wrong, don't worry about the cameras."  

Big Brother Street Lights(Intellistreets) coming to spy on American cities!

The predictive programming for the people to accept these creepy devices has been on going.  Last year, a local news ABC affiliate in Michigan reported on new street lights (video above), called "Intellistreets", that have computer processors inside of them that allow the street lights to "talk" to each other, record conversations, bark orders, and even, according to the news report, "count people for police".

The inventor of this device Ron Harwood, has a company called Illuminating Concepts, and received  "funding help from the Department of Energy" for his Intellistreets design.  The report mentions that because the camera is "capable of recording converastions" that it is "making critics CRY invasion of privacy".  (Sidenote:  The phrase "cry invasion of privacy" tells the listener that people who care about their privacy are like little babies, crying.)

Harwood responds to privacy concerns by assuring the people not to worry because Intellistreets doesn't have "spook technology".  Interestingly, the news report ends with the information that Ron Harwood is working with homeland security!

In the UK, talking surveillance cameras have been shouting orders at people for at least a few years.  In 2007, the BBC reported, "Talking CCTV cameras that tell off people dropping litter or committing anti-social behaviour are to be extended to 20 areas across England."

The following picture is shown on the report as an example of how the talking camera works:

The analysts at the No Agenda Show have been documenting the spread of the big brother surveillance state, including the introduction of giant voice systems that shout commands at people.  I encourage readers to follow their work.

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