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Ten Documentaries about Ancient Civilizations, Conspiracies, Propaganda, History, Government Corruption, and more

The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie  (added 07/05/13)

"The Great Culling" is one of the best documentaries I have seen regarding the toxic waste, sodium fluoride, that is in the public water supply in many of America's cities.  This documentary covers everything, from the history of water fluoridation, to the side effects, as well as the current fight to get cities, and towns, to stop adding fluoride to the water supply.  This film also includes interesting footage from an interview of infamous propagandist, Edward Bernays, about how he used propaganda to get women to start smoking cigarettes in the early 20th century.

Effeminization of the Black Male Part 1 - History of "Homosexuality" (added 06/15/13)

This is part one of a lecture given by a man that goes by the name of "Irritated Genie", on the history of homosexuality, African history, and more.  While I do not agree with many of his views, I believe he offers valuable information, as well as insight to a different view on American culture, and culture in general.  However, the fact that he calls for the killing of groups of people, makes me believe he may be some sort-of agent provocateur.

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda (added 05/27/13)

Through television, movies, books of fiction, and more, culture creators manipulate our beliefs, and program us to except certain outcomes.  Mostly this is done for simple advertising; to get you to drink a certain beverage, or to wear a certain designers clothing, however there is much more powerful, and sinister, forces, and agendas, at work, as well.  This documentary covers the way the entertainment industry is preparing us to accept a microchip, implanted into our skin, fulfilling, what some believe, biblical prophecy.  This film also includes the clip of Propagandist Edward Bernays explaining how he got woman across America to start smoking cigarettes, with a simple marketing campaign.

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When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe (added 05/01/13)

My roots lead back to Portugal, and I find it interesting to learn about the history of the area.  This film discusses the time period when the Iberian peninsula was ruled by the Moors, or Muslims.  Though this film is obviously made by an organization that is pro-Islam, I feel many important points are brought up, regarding the lack of credit that Muslims receive for their groundbreaking accomplishments in Math, Science, Literature, and much more.  This documentary is not the most entertaining, but you can definitely learn a thing, or two, from it.

The Weather Underground  (added 03/28/13)

I have heard the name the Weather Underground, the Weathermen, and the name of one of its founders, Bill Ayers, in relation to Ayers connection with getting Barack Obama into politics, often, with negative connotations attached to it, however the way the Weather Underground is presented in this film has me wanting to do more research on the group.  The group seemed to be mainly a group of anti-war "radicals".  While I may not agree with some of the more violent tactics, like bombings of government buildings, this documentary shows, for the most part, that the The Weather Underground just wanted to bring change to a corrupt system. (Update: I can no longer find a working link to this documentary)

The Murder of Fred Hampton (added 03/22/13)

Deputy chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton, was killed by police while sleeping in bed, and this film documents some details involving his murder.  This film has classic footage of the black panther party, including when panthers were arming themselves in preparation of a government raid, and other footage of a rally, where police are getting called 'pig motherfuckers', openly, to their face, without immediate repercussion.  Judging from this scene, and another scene from another documentary, where Huey Newtown and other panthers patrolled their neighborhoods with openly carried firearms, we have actually lost a lot of freedom in this country.  You don't have to agree with his political views, or solutions, but the strength of his compassion, and his boldness in the face of oppression, is to be respected.

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Propaganda (added 03/17/13)

PROPAGANDA is a documentary film purportedly smuggled out of North Korea.  I am not sure if this is true, however regardless of its origins, it is immensely insightful.  This film is an outsiders view of the western world, especially America, and details how people are controlled through the television and the deception of our 'leaders'.  This documentary covers false flag attacks, consumerism, government corruption, and much more.  You should definitely watch this film. (Update: This film is NOT smuggled out of North Korea, like the intro suggests.)

Dr. Steven Greer Interviewed by Joe Rogan (added 03/09/13)

Dr. Steven Greer is an interesting character, with fascinating information regarding UFO's, alien life forms, hidden energy, etc.  I have been following Dr. Greer's work for a few years now, and was excited to find out that he was going to be on the Joe Rogan podcast.  Joe Rogan is one of the best interviewers I have seen, because he is just a real dude, who is funny, and doesn't let people get away with bullshit.  What also makes Joe Rogan interviews the best, is his show format, which is usually a two-hour plus, uninterrupted, straight forward, informative interview.  I knew that Joe Rogan would ask Dr. Greer many of the questions that I, and most people, would ask, when Greer presents his evidence for UFO's, etc., and he did.  This video interview lasted almost three hours, and is definitely worth the watch.

The Other Israel (The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy) (added 03/07/13)

This is an hour long documentary about how a small group of people within the Jewish community have had an influence on world events, from the time of Jesus, all the way up to the present day.  Though this film was made by a Christian organization, and has its obvious leanings towards Christianity, it does provide an interesting alternative historical prospective towards world events.

Ancient Knowledge (added 03/06/13)

This is a six-part series, and still growing, of massive amounts of information regarding a wide array of topics dealing with Ancient civilizations.  I don't agree with, or pretend to understand, everything presented in this series of documentaries, but it is entertaining, and informative, regardless.  Topics include: Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality, Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God, Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines (Earth's Energy Grid), The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built, Scientific & Historical Misconceptions, Suppression & Manipulation of Info, Energy, Coral Castle, Tablet of Shamash, Saturn, Magnetism, & Mythology.

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