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Ten Documentaries about the Occult, Anarchy, Government Propaganda, Corruption, the New World Order, and more

This is a random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent the documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 7.

The Boer War (1899-1902) - A Documentary Film
 (added 04/03/14)

This film is a quick 26-minute documentary about The Boer War in South Africa.  This documentary can give someone a quick overview of the history of The Boers, the people who began leaving the English coastal settlements of Africa, and moving inland.  Once gold was discovered in their new settlement area, the Boer area began booming, which caused Britain to look to become involved.  Eventually the Boers and the British began fighting.  The British put the Boers into concentration camps, and burned Boer houses, and farms, and destroyed cattle.  The average person, unless highly interested in English history, will not find this documentary to be very entertaining.

Grigori Rasputin: The Mad Monk (added 04/03/14)

This is another documentary about the mysterious Russian, Grigori Rasputin.  In The Mad Monk, produced by the Biography Channel, the same story is told of the poor boy from Siberia, who was able to become one of the most powerful figures in Russia, as told in The Devil in The Flesh.  This documentary briefly attempts to relate Rasputin's special healing abilities, with the death of his older brother, of pneumonia.  There are other things discussed in this film, that are not discussed in The Devil in The Flesh, however I would say that The Devil in The Flesh was a more interesting documentary.  If you watch The Devil in The Flesh, and find it as interesting as I did, then The Mad Monk would be another quick documentary worth watching, to help reinforce your understanding of this man.

Rasputin The Devil in The Flesh (added 03/27/14)

Rasputin The Devil in The Flesh is a documentary by the Discovery Channel, about a fascinating historical figure, Grigori Rasputin.  Rasputin was born in an isolated Russian village in 1869, and since his childhood, was known to have "special" abilities to do miraculous things, like heal sick animals.  Rasputin was then rumored to get involved with some secret mysterious cult, engaging in sex orgies.  The special abilities of Rasputin became so popular, that he was invited to the Royal family of Russia's home, to take a look at their sick child.  Reports indicate that Rasputin actually healed their sick son of hemophiliac disease, and ever since was extremely influential in Royal affairs.  Rasputin was eventually assassinated, but the incredible story involved with his final fight to stay alive, against his assassin, makes people believe in his special abilities even more.  If you have never heard this unbelievable story, I recommend watching this film.

An Anarchist's Story (added 03/26/14)

An Anarchist's Story is a documentary film about a Scottish woman named Ethel MacDonald, who went to Spain, in 1937, to participate in the Spanish Revolution.  While the term "anarchist" is used to describe her political beliefs, the actual meaning of the word is never truly defined.  I got the impression that MacDonald was more of the left wing Anarchist, like Noam Chomsky (who is interviewed this documentary), and not an Anarco-Capitalist like Larken Rose, or Stephen Molyneux.  Either way, this documentary is pretty boring, and I would not recommend it to anyone, other than people looking to get a better understanding of the Spanish revolution.

Manufacturing Consent (added 03/15/14)

Manufacturing Consent - "Thought Control in a Democratic Society" is a 1992 documentary that follows philosopher/activist Noam Chomsky on his quest to expose the lies, myths, and propaganda in Western media.  In this almost three-hour film, Chomsky discusses how major media organizations control the lower level media organizations, how sports is used to keep the people distracted from important events/information, how media will only tell of the war atrocities of the enemy, but never of its own side, and much more.  This documentary is not the most entertaining video, and while Chomsky does have some questionable views, there is valuable information that can be gained from watching this film, including getting a better understanding of how we are being lied to everyday through media, and politics.

House of Numbers (added 03/14/14)

House of Numbers is a fascinating documentary that explores the subject of HIV/AIDS.  The concept conveyed in this documentary is that everything we are told about HIV/AIDS is a lie, a fraud, a myth, etc, even going as far as to say that a HIV/AIDS connection doesn't exist!  Told from the perspective of supposed Aids patients, their families, and even a doctor, Peter Duesberg, this film goes over various dubious practices that have taken place in regards to HIV/AIDS research, and care.  The Aids drug AZT is also discussed as a potential detrimental factor in supposed Aids patients.  (Sidenote:  There is a documentary that looks to debunk this "House of Numbers" documentary, that I believe is important for people to watch as well, to get a different perspective, and help draw an informed conclusion.  Click here for that documentary.)

SHADE the Motion Picture (added 03/08/14)

Shade is a documentary about the world's elite and their quest for global domination.  This film has footage from a recent Bilderberg conference, as well as interviews with historian Webster Tarpley, and other interesting people.  Topics, and people, discussed include:  David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Vaccinations, Human Depopulation, Geo-Engineering, and much more.  I would recommend this film to someone who is in the beginning stages of learning about these subjects.

The Fog of War - Eleven Lessons From The Life of Robert S. McNamara (added 03/01/14)

The Fog of War is a well-produced, very informative documentary about the life and times of Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of Defense under President's Kennedy and Johnson.  The insight from someone so close to the inside like McNamara, is extremely enlightening.  In this film, McNamara discusses his involvement in historical events, such as the fire-bombing of Tokyo, where 100,000 men, women, and children, civilians, were burned to death.  McNamara even concludes that if America lost the war, he would be charged as a war criminal.  McNamara also discusses the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident, which played a major role in getting the United States involved in Vietnam.  McNamara admits that the incident did not happen as once thought, and the information told to the American people about this event, was false.  There is too much crucial information discussed in this film to be summed up in this description, just watch it!

History... Debate: Stefan Molyneux vs. Tom Willcutts, Hosted by James Corbett (added 02/22/14)

This is another debate, hosted by Richard Grove, between someone who advocates for a government-free society, Stefan Molyneux, and someone who believes government is necessary, Tom Willcutts.  This debate was more coordinated than the previous, with Larken Rose.  In my opinion, Molyneux clearly won this debate, but you may think different.  Either way, the viewer should watch and make his own decision.

History... Debate: Larken Rose vs. Tom Willcutts (Anarchy vs. Authority)  (added 02/20/14)

This is a debate between someone, Larken Rose, who advocates for Anarchy, or no government, and someone, Tom Willcutts, who believes in the necessity of Government.  The only critique I would have of is of the moderator, Richard Grove, who I have much respect for, for interjecting his opinion, in my opinion, too much into this debate, though many times his contributions added to the conversation.  Although there doesn't seem to be a clear winner in this debate, I feel a viewer can gain much insight from this dialogue.

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