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Ten Documentaries about Communism, Ancient Civilizations, Fluoride, Cultural Marxism, and more

This is a random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent the documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 8.

The Soviet Story (added 07/13/14)

The Soviet Story is a look into the brutality, propaganda, and reign, of the Soviet Union.  This film covers various Soviet atrocities, such as the extermination of the Ukrainians of 1932-'33, through deliberate starvation.  This documentary also makes the case that there was little difference between German National Socialism (Nazism), and Soviet Communism, this point even being admitted to by high level leaders of both parties.  The propaganda of both of these regimes is compared, and there is an obvious relation.  Other topics of discussion include: Zyklon B, George Bernard Shaw, Trotsky's assassination, Soviet aggression against Finland, and much more.  One major problem with this documentary, or at least the version that I have seen, is that a good amount of the documentary is in a foreign language, with no subtitles.  I managed to sit through this inconvenience, but would not expect many other people to do so.

Fluoridegate: American Tragedy - a David Kennedy film (added 06/29/14)

Fluoridegate is a film about the dangers of adding fluoride to the water supply in the United States.  This documentary includes testimony from former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agents, whistleblowers, and scientists about the history, scandals, and potential problems involving water fluoridation.   This film also discusses how studies appear to reveal a higher risk to people in the Black and Latino community from water fluoridation.  This is a good film, with informed, and credible, speakers, that should help anyone looking to further understand this issue.

Psychedelic Intelligence: The CIA and the Counterculture (added 06/24/14)

This is a presentation given by Jan Irvin, of, about the CIA's, and other subversive organizations, influence in creating the "hippie" movement of the 60's, and the culture that went with it.  Jan takes clips from various interviews he has conducted, as well as clips from subjects he is discussing, to make a convincing argument to support his theory.  People discussed in this film include:  R. Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Edward Bernays, Aldous Huxley, The Doors, Frank Zappa, and many more.

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America (added 06/16/14)

This is a documentary about how followers of Karl Marx thought of a way, after Marx died, to spread Marxism through culture.  Cultural Marxism is described in this film as "political correctness".  From the Frankfurt School in Germany, to Columbia University in New York, this documentary briefly traces the history of Cultural Marxism.  There are many topics discussed in this film, such as banking, economics, propaganda, media, and many more, and I would have liked to see Cultural Marxism directly connected to these topics, instead of the connection just being vaguely alluded to.   I also would not agree with the film makers views on religion, and patriotism.  Other than that, this is a fairly informative documentary, and a good brief introduction to someone just beginning to understand these topics.  This documentary includes interviews/excerpts from Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Larken Rose, Stefan Molyneux, and more.

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180 (added 06/03/14)

This is a thirty minute presentation by a man who goes around the public, trying to convince people to re-think their views on abortion, Christianity, and more.  While, in the end, he does seem to influence the thought process of many people, I think this video shows more the true nature of the general public.   Most people have never given critical thought to any of the things they "believe", never mind having the ability to defend their beliefs if questioned.  With that said, I did not find this film to be very entertaining, nor informative, and would not generally recommend it.

Joseph Stalin: Red Terror (added 06/01/14)

Red Terror is a Biography Channel documentary about the former leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin.  In 44 minutes, this film quickly covers the life of Stalin, a man they say is responsible for the death of 20 million of his own people.  In his early days, Stalin was involved with robbing banks to fill the coffers of the Communist Party.  How Stalin eventually took full control is an interesting tale, and this film also discusses how the collectivist policies of Stalin were a terrible failure.  There is obviously much more to the Stalin/Soviet story, but this film can be a good, quick, introduction video for beginners.

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Tracking The First Americans (added 05/12/14)

This is a BBC documentary which examines the question of who were the first people to settle in the Americas.  There are many fascinating discoveries discussed in this film, many of which lead to the conclusion that there was a race of humans that lived in the Americas, before the "Native Americans", which today are widely referred to as the original inhabitants of the Americas.  The evidence presented in this documentary suggests that this race of humans, were of African descent, and probably came from the area surrounding Australia.  This is definitely an interesting, and fairly entertaining, watch!

Humanzee : Stalin's Experimentation to Create and Army of Ape-Men (added 05/09/14)

The name of this documentary turned out to be more interesting than the actual facts of the case, but it is still an enlightening film.  Apparently, some journalists found some documents in the 1920's, which showed that Josef Stalin gave money to a scientist, to try to inseminate a woman with ape sperm, and vice versus.  After much dramatization, as you might have figured, it turns out that this process doesn't produce anything.  One interesting thing I learned from this film is that in Russia, they have tales of Ape men, similar to our version of Big Foot.  Also discussed, are fascinating, and some immoral, experiments, conducted by Soviet scientists, including the cross breeding of animals that had never existed before, and even the transplant of one monkey head, onto a different body!  Important to note is that, apparently, Stalin had no knowledge of this experiment.  Also, the point of the experiments seemed not to be to create an army of Ape-Men, but to prove Darwin's theory of evolution correct, discrediting religious theory.

Lenin.. Biography of The Great Vladimir Lenin Voice of Revolution  (added 04/15/14)

This is a documentary put out by the A&E Channel, about famous Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.  This film briefly covers Lenin's life from his childhood, to his death.  Lenin's older brother was involved in revolutionary politics, and got hanged as a result.  Lenin followed in his brothers revolutionary foot steps, and was eventually sent to prison.  Lenin was released, and forced into exile, eventually creating the Bolshevik party.  This film covers how Germany helped Lenin get back into Russia, in hopes that Lenin would destabilize Russia, making it easier for Germany.  The Bolsheviks gained control of Russia, and Lenin was involved with approving orders to execute the former Tsar, and his family.  Eventually Lenin died at age 53.  His body has been mummified, and viewed by over 100 million people, since it went on public display in Russia.  The average person may not find this film entertaining, but people who enjoy history will find this documentary intriguing.

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De Valera V Churchill (added 04/14/14)

This is a film about Eamon de Valera, the former head of state for the country of Ireland, and his dispute with the head of state of England, Winston Churchill, during WW2.  De Valera did not want Ireland to be involved with WW2, while Churchill thought the Irish ports were necessary for success.  This documentary covers the disputes between these two, during this time.  It is not the most entertaining film, but it does offer an informative perspective of the time.

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