Thursday, October 25, 2012

Billionare Ted Turner Says He Thinks Its 'Good' That Troops Are Committing Suicide

When billionare Ted Turner was asked, on CNN by Piers Morgan, his thoughts on the vast number of suicides in the military, he said he thought it was 'good', and tried to justify his response. This may seem like a crazy response to a normal person, but if you have been following Ted Turner, this comes as no surprise.  (Sidenote: Also notice how at 0:48 in the video, Piers Morgan openly admits there is a "New World Order" at work.)

Ted Turner has been complaining that the world is "over populated" for some time now.  Ted Turner is the 2nd largest landowner in the United States, yet he believes there is not enough room for everyone!  Turner believes that billions of people need to be taken off of this planet, or else man-made global warming will kill us all.  He has called for a dramatic decrease in population, and a one-child policy for the world to adopt.  Keep in mind that this man has five children! Here is a short clip of an interview Ted Turner gave to Charlie Rose, where be briefly touches on his views of "depopulation".

The alternative media organization We Are Change confronted Ted Turner and asked him about his hypocricy of wanting a one-child policy for the world, but also having five children.  Turner didn't like that question.  Check out the video here:

Also, what should be mentioned about the recent interview given to Piers Morgan, Ted Turner calls for the United Nations to be the police of the world.  Ted Turner is a big United Nations supporter, and he even gave a $1 billion gift to the UN.  He is one of the many evil, rich, powerful men that are bringing us into a one world dictatorial government.

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