Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Fraud of FEMA, Disaster Relief, and Big Charity

I do NOT donate any money to any big organization, voluntarily. (Of course, the government takes money out of my check, involuntarily, to pay for their big, corrupt organization.)  I have learned that any organization with a huge budget, lets say over a million dollars, cannot be trusted to distribute the money fairly, and in the manner that is expected of it.  With money, comes power, and with power, comes psychopaths that want that power.

Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer "Research"

Let us examine the logic behind charity organizations that are set up to "fight" certain diseases, like the various "pink ribbon" charities set up to fight breast cancer.  These charities always stress the importance of finding a "cure", instead of finding a "cause".  If you are the head of one of these big "charities", you are probably flying around on private jets, living in a nice home, driving a nice car, and have a good salary.  But what happens if a cure for breast cancer is found?  Then you no longer have the jets, home, car, and salary.  There are doctors who claim to have the cure for cancer already, like Dr. Burzynski, and patients who have claimed to have been healed, but these doctors are never given any light, or any funding from these pink ribbon charities.  There is an incentive NOT to find a cure for these diseases.   There is a documentary that touches on what the writer calls "Pink Ribbons Inc.", the origins of this pink ribbon craze, and the hypocrisy of the corporations that make money off of it.  You can watch the eye-opening documentary here:


Charity is also manipulated when environmental disasters occur, and a fervor of goodwill sweeps across the country, causing everyone to want to donate money to help, as in the case of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.  After all the tel-a-thon's, commercials, and donation texts were tallied, a total of $5.2 billion was raised.  This amount of money could go a long way in a country like Haiti.  As one report states, "The amount raised/pledged...could theoretically provide each person affected by the earthquake with 2.6 years’ worth of a Haiti-average income, or could provide each person left homeless with 5-8 years’ worth of a Haiti-average income."  Regardless of what the money COULD have bought, the reality is that still over half a million people are living in tents after the earthquake.  The money gets stolen!  Bill Clinton and George Bush were on television together, raising money for the "hurricane relief effort" in Haiti, and George Bush actually said "I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water, just send your cash."  This should have been a red flag for all of us. 

Rapper, and native Haitian, Wyclef Jean had a charity called "Yéle", which received $16 million in donations after the earthquake.  An audit of the Yéle foundation by the New York attorney general found many financial improprieties.  In 2010, Yéle spent $9 million, and half went to travel, to salaries and consultants’ fees and to expenses related to their offices and warehouse.  Wyclef even used the money to pay himself $100,000 to perform, at a Yéle fundraiser. Yéle went out of business last month, leaving behind considerable debt and a few unfinished projects. 

Government Makes It Worse - FEMA, United Nations

United Nations "peace keepers" were sent down to Haiti after the earthquake, and some of these peace keepers caused a major cholera outbreak among the Haitian natives.  After former president Bill Clinton, who is the United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti, went down to Haiti in March of this year, he was pressed on the issue of mounting scientific evidence that international peacekeepers were the most likely culprits of the cholera outbreak, he responded "I don't know that the person who introduced cholera in Haiti, the U.N. peacekeeper, or [U.N.] soldier from South Asia, was aware that he was carrying the virus," Clinton said, adding that "it was the proximate cause of cholera. That is, he was carrying the cholera strain. It came from his waste stream into the waterways of Haiti, into the bodies of Haitians."

In America, we have the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), that is set-up to "manage emergencies" that occur in our country, whatever that means.  I have reported in the past how FEMA has a billion dollar budget, but did not even manage to have enough bottled water stored in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.  After the hurricane hit, some victims in New Jersey were packed into FEMA tent communities, that more resembled a prison camp, than a well prepared, thought out, disaster accommodation zone, which is what we would expect from an organization that we are paying billions of dollars to.  FEMA did have a large number of temporary homes, trailers, they could have put these people into, but they recently sold nearly nine hundred of the prefabricated temporary homes - none more than four years old and most used only once - since 2009, at fire-sale prices. Fourty-six of these trailers were even in New York State, that could have gotten to victims of Sandy within three hours, but they were recently sold as well.  In another incident showing the ineffectiveness of FEMA, while large portions of Staten Island were still without power, and facing a coming snow storm, the FEMA office in Staten Island was closed, due to weather!  

Also in Staten Island, the boroughs President, James Molinari, called one of the most popular disaster relief charities, the Red Cross, an "absolute disgrace", after the lack of aid that his borough has received. Molinari even urged people to stop donating to the nonprofit.

True Charity 

The feeling of wanting to help out your fellow man is natural and beautiful.  A true charitable act, that comes from the heart, without the expectation of something in return, leaves you with a wonderful feeling of peace and love for humanity, and life in general.  But we must not allow ourselves to be fooled by people who understand this human trait, and use it to manipulate us.  The best kind of charity is the kind you do yourself.  Pick up trash, help clean the river, volunteer somewhere, give money to someone in need, etc.  Also, there are good charities out there, mainly smaller ones, just do your own research, and really know who you are giving your money to. 

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