Monday, December 3, 2012

Former NYPD Officer Secretly Records Supervisors Angrily Telling Officers That They Need More Arrests, Revealing Quota System

Adrian Schoolcraft, an eight year veteran formerly of the NYPD, secretly recorded NYPD supervisors giving orders that tickets must be written and arrests must be made or top brass at the NYPD would make it "real difficult" for the officer. He goes on to say that orders were given to harass people so vigorously that they will not even want to step foot outside in fear of being arrested or ticketed.

In the video above, Schoolcraft says he was reprimanded by his bosses because "I wasn't meeting their undocumented quota...the non-quota quota."  He claims people are referred to as "bodies", as the higher ups routinely asks, "how many bodies do I have in the cells".

Schoolcraft was threatened by his supervisors  "They can make it real difficult for you. Ship you off somewhere.",  meaning he will be reassigned for not meeting the quota.  The supervisor continues, "Just keep the hound off, a parker, a 250, you can stop someone walking down the street. You know what, I stopped an asshole once.  I gave him a 250, what's the big deal."

The phrase "gave him a 250" means the supervisor performed the controversial and unconstitutional tactic, stop and frisk (UF-250), on some unassuming "asshole", American citizen.  Stop and frisk violates our fourth amendment natural right, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.  All police officers take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, but few take this oath seriously.

Also, Schoolcraft claims the NYPD even placed him in a psych-ward, in an attempt to discredit him, because he went to internal affairs about corruption he was witnessing within the department, including the downgrading of felonies to misdemeanors.

Adrian Schoolcraft

It gets worse!  In another audio clip secretly recorded, a supervisor is telling the officers, "I want 250's and C summonses.  I want a ghost town. I want to hear an echo from one end of the street to another.  You understand?  That's what I want in a perfect world.  So that's your mission.  You guys need collars, you need activity.  There you go, they got to be removed"

The perfect world for this New York City police supervisor is empty, people-less streets.  Keep in mind that this is not some rookie cop, this is a supervisor, meaning he was at one-time promoted, by someone who agrees with his line of thinking.

The YouTube Channel "NYC Resistance" is constantly capturing video of these NYPD corrupt and unconstitutional practices.  I documented two cases, one where a cop was seemingly excepting bribes, and another where a man got a ticket for spitting on the sidewalk.

We all have to be aware of the police state that is forming.  You have to know that you have "natural rights", and assert them every chance you get.

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