Wednesday, December 5, 2012

UPDATE: Drug-Addicted CT State Trooper Caught On Dash Cam Taking Money From Dead Man

Aaron Huntsman

The arrest warrant has been released in the case of the Connecticut State Trooper stealing money and jewelry from a dead victim of a motorcycle accident.

Connecticut State Trooper Aaron Huntsman is caught on his dash cam video, taking the money of the deceased motorcycle accident victim.  Huntsman also has checked himself into a two-week drug rehabilitation facility, for pain medication.

The arrest warrant alleges, "on 09-22-12 while investigating a fatal accident on Rte 15 in Fairfield, TFC Huntsman knowingly took a large amount of cash that was handed to him by a Fairfield Firefighter while on scene standing at the rear of the ambulance. TFC Huntsman is heard on his cruiser's camera saying that he would take it as evidence. Once TFC Huntsman has the cash in his possession, he is seen walking directly back to his cruiser and gets in the driver's side. TFC Huntsman is contacted on numerous occasions by the deceased's father inquiring about missing money to which TFC Huntsman repeatedly states he didn't see or take money and that it must have gone with the ambulance personnel. When TFC Huntsman is questioned by State Police Supervisors about missing property and money, Huntsman tells them that he actually seized a gold chain belonging to the deceased which was still in his cruiser; however, Huntsman makes no mention of having the gold chain when questioned by the deceased's father about missing property or money the night after the accident. Huntsman tells his supervisors on numerous occasions that he never sees or takes money while at the scene. Throughout the investigation, TF Huntsman tells investigators that he never saw-money or took money while on scene."

Attorney Ment, representing the accused officer, also stated that "Huntsman had checked himself into a substance abuse program and would be there approximately for two weeks...a pain medication type program"

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