Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Guns for Marijuana Users; Connecticut Governor's Gun Violence Prevention Plan

On Thursday, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy announced a list of five proposals that he wants the General Assembly in Connecticut to approve.  The actual five-page proposal can be viewed as a .pdf file here, but here is a quick list of the proposals.

  1. Make Background Checks Universal and Comprehensive
    1. Require Universal Background Checks
    2. Expand the List of Crimes that make an Individual Ineligible to Own a Gun
    3. Keep Background Checks Updated
    4. Expand Permitting Requirement to Firearms Other than Traditional Hunting and Sporting Rifles and Shotguns
    5. Institute Objective Uniform Standards
  2. Ban Large Capacity Magazines
  3. Strengthen the Ban on Military-Style Assault Weapons
  4. Safer Storage: Best Practices and Legal Requirements
    1. Strengthen Current Safe Storage Law
    2. Increase Awareness
  5. Improve Enforcement of Existing Laws
    1. Prioritize the Prosecution of Gun Related Crimes
    2. Report Illegal Activity
    3. Record Firearm and Ammunition Transfers

One interesting thing to note about these proposals is that, seemingly, if you were/are convicted of using marijuana, or have an alcohol-related arrest, the Governor believes you should be exempted from owning a gun.  Today, there is already a list of non-felony misdemeanors that make an individual ineligible for a firearm permit in Connecticut, including some marijuana convictions, but Governor Malloy doesn't think that's good enough.  The proposal reads, "Eligibility requirements should be expanded to exempt individuals that... convictions for use of a controlled substance or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the past five years."

Governor Malloy also held a press conference on Thursday, to take questions from the media.  A video of that press conference can be viewed here.

Highlights of the press conference include:

  • Governor Malloy was repeatedly questioned as to why he decided to release his proposals this week, when he set-up the "Sandy Hook Advisory Commission" in January, which was to eventually make legislative recommendations on safety, gun violence prevention and mental health, but only by the month of June, more than three months away.  The reporters were alluding to the criticism that the timing of the governor's release of his proposals were purely political, timed directly to Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Connecticut for a gun control conference, which the vice president attend Friday.   “It is clear that the governor wanted to be in front of the bi-partisan legislative committee studying these issues. It is clear he wants the headline to read ‘Malloy proposes gun control’ ahead of the Vice-President’s visit to Connecticut", said State Representative David Labriola.  Malloy's response to this criticism was to tell people "not to get overly involved" in the process he is taking to address gun control, and repeatedly blamed any criticism of him, on the NRA. 
  • Dan Malloy also addressed his opposition to private gun sales, and his belief in a retroactive gun ban.  
On Friday, Governor Malloy attended a Democratic Governors' Association meeting at the White House, where afterward he said mass shootings are becoming part of America's identity, and he seemed to be gloating about the level of gun control able to be accomplished in Connecticut.

"I think [Congress] will act. There'll be a package, I believe.  It probably won't go as far as we'll go in Connecticut.  These instances are going to continue to happen. We're going to have more of these mass shootings.  Aurora and Tucson and Sandy Hook weren't aberrations.  They're becoming part of who we are, and what we are, and what we expect to happen in our states.  It's got to change, it may take Congress a little longer than it will take the people of Connecticut." - Governor Dan Malloy

Other interesting (tyrannical) things to note about the Governors five-page proposal:

  • "Under this proposal, private sellers may only transfer a firearm if the buyer produces proof of a federal background check, which can be obtained at a federal firearm dealer. Additionally, all private transfers of firearms should be recorded with law enforcement."
  • "Individuals who lawfully purchased these firearms before the date of enactment should
    have until October 1, 2013 to register their firearms with the state police and be granted
    a certificate of possession and obtain a permit"
  • "The assault weapon ban should exempt law enforcement officers, correction officials, and military
    and naval personnel discharging their official duties."

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