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Ten Documentaries about Hitler, Nazi Germany, Concentration Camps, WWII, etc.

This is a random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  These ten films happen to be centered around Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII, etc.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent my documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 5.

Mein Kampf - The Story of Adolf Hitler (added 01/23/14)

This is a quick, 45-minute, documentary on the rise of Adolf Hitler, before he ultimately became Germany's leader.  This film tries to explain the reason for Hitler's views and the situation in Germany that allowed the rise of Hitler.  Incredible footage of post-WWI Germany is shown, where the allies are disarming the German population, destroying weapons, blowing up German submarines, and helicopters.  Footage of French troops in Germany, disrespecting its citizens is also shown.  Interestingly, clothing designer Hugo Boss is discussed, in relation to his being a Nazi party member, and him designing many of the Nazi uniforms.

An Alfred Hitchcock Documentary on the Nazi Holocaust (added 01/13/14)

This is an old film, narrated by Alfred Hitchcock, which contains amazing footage of the Allies, of WWII, coming across Nazi concentration camps for the first time.  This documentary does not focus much on history, or specific battles, but instead gives you a look at what the prisoners in the war camps looked like, as well as a look at the camp themselves, including the infamous gas chambers used to exterminate mass quantities of people.  Various atrocities are discussed, including the making of lamp shades out of human skin.  This documentary is not very entertaining, but is a great source for disgusting imagery of the concentration camps.  This is a British film, so the viewer must understand the reporting to be somewhat bias.

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Evidence of What The Nazis Did To The Jews In Warsaw (added 01/10/14)

After Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Polish Jews, most of whom lived in the capital of the country, Warsaw, were rounded up and placed in ghettos.  In these Jewish ghettos, life was heavily regulated, and very difficult.  This film uses actual footage, and pictures, taken by German officers inside of the ghetto.  There were also many Jews who became police officers, working for the Germans, keeping order inside of the ghettos, but when it was felt that they were no longer needed, they were all thanked for their services, and immediately executed.  This video is only 36 minutes long, and abruptly ends, indicating that is most likely part of a longer documentary, that I have yet to come across.

Post WWII Nazi Guerillas (added 01/10/14)

Apparently not everyone in Nazi Germany was ready to give up fighting when it seemed likely that the allies were going to win.  There were Nazi guerrilla forces trained to fight in stealth, just in case Germany got invaded, and this documentary tells about these guerrilla forces.  Eventually the allied forces did subdue all physical opposition, disarmed the population, and even put young German boys into camps.  This is not the most entertaining film, but does provide useful insight.

Nazi War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Secret Life In South America (added 01/06/14)

The story of what happened to prominent Nazi officials after WW2 is fascinating.  Many died, some stood trial at Nuremberg, but some, like the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele, fled the country and went to the continent of South America.  This film covers the controversy surrounding Mengele, and the gruesome, horrific, experiments that he supposedly undertook, in the name of eugenics.  In this documentary, a Jewish woman tells her story of being Dr. Mengele's secretary, and how the Doctor would pick which Jews were to be killed.  The former secretary also says how Mengele would have jars full of eyeballs for his experiments, and how he eventually killed her daughter.  Some of Mengele's friends and associates were tracked down, and many of them do not believe Mengele could have done the things he is accused of doing.  This films contains very interesting coverage of important historical information.

Hitler's Henchmen - The Propagandist Firebrand - Joseph Goebbels (added 12/26/13)

Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany.  This documentary shows how Goebbels used things like movies, and songs, to manipulate the feelings and emotions of the German people, to support the Nazi regime.  Also in the film, readings of Goebbels' personal diary reveal that he was the person who advised Hitler to make all Jews wear a yellow star on the left side of their coats.  When it was clear that the Nazis were going to lose the war, Goebbels had his six children murdered, and then took his own life, along with his wife.  This quick film is under an hour, but provides many interesting insights into the manipulative techniques used by government, in terms of propaganda, among other things.

Hitler's American Business Partners (added 12/21/13)

Large American enterprises helped fund, and maintain, the Nazi war machine in Germany, and this film gives a brief 45-minute look into the subject. Major US companies like Standard Oil, IBM, GM, and more, all played an important role in the Germany economy, before, during, and after, World War 2.  Henry Ford may have been the most interesting case, as is his views on Jews influenced Hitler's own views.  Not only did Ford conduct business with the Nazis, but was even given awards by Hitler.  This documentary is fairly old, but in good quality, and has enough fascinating information, in my opinion, to keep the attention of non-serious students of history.  "Hitler's American Business Partners" is an important documentary to watch, and understand.

Hitler's Henchmen - The Corruptor of Youth - Baldur von Schirach (added 12/20/13)

"Hitler's Henchmen" is a six-part series that portrays the men who aided Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and serviced the infernal machinery of the Third Reich.  This particular film is about one of those men, Baldur von Schirach.  Schirach became the leader of Hitler Youth, a paramilitary Nazi organization for young Germans aged 10-18.  This documentary shows footage of Hitler Youth rallies, speeches by Schirach, footage from the Nuremberg trials, and more.  Schirach was eventually arrested and put on trial at Nuremberg, where he denounced Hitler, claimed not to have knowledge of the extermination camps, but was still sentenced to twenty years in prison.  Interesting to note, according to Wikipedia, Schirach claimed at the trials that the roots of his anti-semitism could be found in the readings of Henry Ford's The International Jew.  The film is mostly in German, with English subtitles, and would not be considered entertaining to many, except those seriously studying the Nazi situation.

Jasenovac - Cruelest Death Camp (added 12/17/13)

Located in the country of Croatia, the Jasenovac concentration camp of the 1940's is now infamous for the level of cruelty perpetuated against prisoners of the camp.  Croatia, during this period, was pretty much a puppet state of Nazi Germany.  The ruling party at the time, the Ustaše regime was similar to Nazi Germany in its racist ideology.  This led to mass murder of tens of thousands of people.  This particular documentary is in low quality, and has English subtitles, which at times are cut off from the screen, though a serious viewer will still be able to appreciate the information in this film.  I would not recommend this film to someone who is looking for an entertaining documentary watch, but definitely to someone who is trying to understand, and learn from, history.

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Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) (added 12/15/13)

"Operation UFO" is a fascinating documentary, detailing evidence of the rumors that the NAZI's of Germany, were building bases in Antarctica.  This is a Russian documentary, with an English subtitles. Contained in this documentary are interviews with high ranking Russian scientists, and military personnel.  This film covers the topic of a Nazi, alleged, 'flying saucer program', and the belief by some that this 'flying saucer program' was influenced by extraterrestrials.  Connections with HAARP, Project Paperclip, and much more, are also discussed in this film.  "Third Reich - Operation UFO" is well produced, entertaining, and extraordinary, as well as being highly recommended, by me.

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