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Know Your Reps! CT State Senator Joe Markley Wants Fluoride Out Of The Water, and A Ban On Mandatory Flu Shots

State Senator Joe Markley
Representing the communities of Cheshire, Southington, Wolcott, and Waterbury, State Senator Joe Markley (R-16th) has, in my opinion, one of the best records of any representative in Hartford.  Markley has a history of supporting liberty, even helping to organize a protest against the creation of the state income tax in 1991, that drew 40,000 people to the State Capitol.

Elected in 2010, winning re-election in 2012, and having served one term in the mid 80's, Markley is currently in his third term as a State Senator.  The Tea Party movement is credited with helping Markley get back into office.  The CTMirror lists Markley's occupation as a writer, and reports, "When recruited by Tea Party activists, Markley said, he was living cheaply at a friend's apartment in western Massachusetts, working on a novel "about what I think is wrong with society."

Senator Markley has stood in opposition to many of the, in my opinion, tyrannical, anti-liberty actions being undertaken by the state.  For instance, he has been one of the strongest critics of the New Britain-Hartford busway, also known as the CTFastrak, which I have written about, connecting the busway to United Nations Agenda 21, a plan to lower the standard of living in America.

Markley has also criticized Senator Gary Lebeau for his constant advocacy for big government, as well as Lebeau's involvement in the state income tax, and Lebeau's helping "push through the largest tax increase in state history."  I have also criticized Senator Gary Lebeau, in the past, for his involvement in trying to bring red light cameras to the state, as well as his overall belief that he has a "significant role", as a legislator, to "change the culture" of people, and their belief about things like guns, or the way they care for their children.

When Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy announced, last month, his list of five proposals, in regards to gun control, he was criticized for trying to exploit the school shooting in Newtown, to push his own agenda.  Senator Markley was among those critical of the governor. "There’s no reason to rush proposals unless there was an intent to push stricter gun control legislation from the start", Markley said, as well as implying the governor rushed his proposals because he felt the support for gun control was waning.

Even more promising are the list of bills proposed by Senator Markley for the 2013 session of the Connecticut legislature.  Among them include:

  • Getting fluoride out of the water supply - Senate Bill 131AN ACT ELIMINATING THE REQUIREMENT TO ADD FLUORIDE TO PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES.
  • Making sure employers can't require employees receive a flu shot - Senate Bill 55AN ACT PROHIBITING EMPLOYERS FROM REQUIRING EMPLOYEES TO RECEIVE MANDATORY FLU SHOTS.
  • Stopping banks from charging a fee for check cashing - Senate Bill 107AN ACT PROHIBITING BANKS FROM CHARGING A FEE FOR CHECK CASHING.

The issue of marijuana legalization, and ending the war on drugs, is an important aspect for many in the fight for liberty, including myself, however I do not believe Senator Joe Markley feels the same.  Last year he voted "NAY" against a medical marijuana bill,  AN ACT CONCERNING THE PALLIATIVE USE OF MARIJUANA, that was eventually passed and signed by the governor.  I have not seen, or heard, any comments from Joe Markley, regarding marijuana, or the war on drugs, so I can't make any definitive statements on his views towards these subjects, however it would be disappointing if we found out that Senator Markley only embraces liberty in select areas, and not in its entirety.

Here is an interview of State Senator Joe Markley, conducted last month, by the good folks at We Are Change CT, concerning Markleys proposed bill dealing with the elimination of water fluoridation in the state.

Let us hope that Senator Markley continues to be a voice for liberty, pushing for less government.  We have to support people that share our beliefs, in hopes that it will encourage more people to come out, and speak up.  Either way, I'll be watching, and reporting.

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