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Ten Documentaries about African History, Assassinations, Communist China, Medicated Children, Saddam Hussein, Royalty, and more

A random collection of ten documentaries, with my description of each.  I post a different documentary, every time I watch a new one.  To prevent my documentary page from taking an extremely long time to load, I create separate pages for older documentaries.  This is page 4.

Mao Zedong and China's Cultural Revolution (added 12/10/13)

This film briefly chronicles the rise of Mao Zedong as the leader of Communist China from 1949-1976, including the alliance, and eventual denouncement, of the Soviet Union, as well as the denouncement, and eventual alliance, with the United States, during the Nixon administration, through Henry Kissinger. Chairman Mao Zedong encouraged the collectivization of privately held land, and incredible footage shows Chinese peasants beating, and yelling at, former land owners, denouncing them as "capitalist exploiters."  This 45-minute documentary is not the most entertaining film, but gives an interesting short glimpse into this period of Chinese history.

Sadam Hussein Documentary: The Trial You Will Never See (added 12/09/13)

"The Trial You Will Never See" presents a concept that is all to familiar in American history;  The United States creates, and funds, many of the people, and organizations, that eventually become their enemies.  Watch this documentary to get a glimpse behind the curtain of the propaganda that the mainstream media has presented, in relation to Iraq, and particularly, Saddam Hussein.  Hussein was supplied, directed, mis-directed, advised, and much more, by the American government.  Special units of the Iraqi military were even trained in the United States.  This video contains the infamous handshake between former Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfield, and Saddam Hussein, as well as Rumsfield's response, to the released footage of this interaction.

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America's Medicated Kids (added 12/06/13)

"America's Medicated Kids" is an entertaining documentary that follows the lives of American parents who have decided to medicate their children with prescription medication, and the complications, and benefits, that result from that decision.  The host of this documentary is Louis Theroux, a British journalist, and along with the help of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), delivers a quality product, for typical television viewers, but for people who are seeking truth through facts, this film does not have much usable information, though it was interesting to find that most of the parents interviewed for this film, said they began putting their child on drugs, only after the child was having trouble paying attention in school.  It would seem to me that that may be an indication of a problem with the education system, and not the child's, but that is a topic for another documentary.

Huey P. Newton - Prelude to Revolution (Interview) (added 12/06/13)

"Prelude to Revolution" is a 35-minute interview of Huey P. Newton, revolutionary leader of the Black Panther Party.  This video was recorded in prison, during Newton's incarceration at the age of twenty five.  While I do not agree with everything Newton says in this interview, and believe his understanding, and goals, to be vague, and, at times, contradictory, I do admire his courage, and passion for justice, at such a young age.  One important topic that Huey Newton briefly addresses in this interview is the right of black people to own guns, and the history of the American government attempting to stop blacks from owning guns.

Conspiracy of Silence (added 11/30/13)

"Conspiracy of Silence" is a highly-suppressed documentary film about a child prostitution ring that was occurring in the state of Nebraska, involving top-level politicians, even reaching its way into the White House!  The content of this film is disturbing, but must be watched to understand how the evil deeds, done by powerful men, in today's society, are covered up, through intimidation, lies, and murder.  This was filmed almost twenty years ago (1994), and the quality of the video shows its age, but the information contained in this documentary is still highly relevant to today.

Kings and Queens of England (added 11/25/13)

Kings and Queens of England is a six part series, about five and a half hours in total, presented by UKTV.  This documentary follows the lines of kings and queens that have ruled over Europe, for the past one thousand years.  Some parts of the film come off as a fairly dry history lesson, but for the most part, this is an interesting, though brief, glimpse into the now infamous history of the incest, greed, murder, deception, etc., of the royal families of Europe.

Kowloon Walled City  (added 11/16/13)

Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated, largely ungoverned settlement in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  The day-to-day life, and living conditions, of the residents of Kowloon, that you see in this fascinating film, are unbelievable, and really make you appreciate the comforts of life, that many of us take for granted.  The Hong Kong government has since evicted the many thousands of people that once lived in Kowloon.  The main language of this documentary is not in English, though there are subtitles throughout the film.  

History... Interview with G. Edward Griffin "The Individual vs. The Collective" (added 11/10/13)

This is a thought-provoking interview with legendary author, film maker, researcher, etc., G. Edward Griffin, conducted by Richard Grove, of  Griffin has much wisdom to share, and Richard is able to get a lot of that information out of him, in the short hour that they share together.  Griffin discusses his ground breaking interview with Norman Dodd, of the Reese Committee, as well as expressing his views about the philosophy of the individual, being the answer to the dangerous philosophy of the collective, that has developed in many places, in today's society.

Katanga - The Untold Story (added 11/05/13)

"Katanga - The Untold Story" gives an alternate account, of the one portrayed in "The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba" (previous documentary), in regards to the crisis that occurred in the Congo, in the mid twentieth century.  This film seems to be more arbitrary, or use more propaganda, than "The Assassination...", but is still important to watch, as you can see how one event can be portrayed differently, to different audiences.  This documentary also seems to focus more on the role the United Nations played in the Congo, and after watching both films, one can easily see how the United Nations was manipulating both sides of the conflict, to bring about their own vision of the Congo.

The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba (added 11/03/13)

This is an eye-opening documentary into how Western Imperialism operated in Africa, in the mid-twentieth century.  Patrice Lumumba was the first democratically elected leader of the Republic of the Congo, after helping to win the countries independence from Belgium.  Lumumba resisted the western nations attempts to have control over the rich resources of the Congo, and was eventually assassinated by agents of these western nations, such as America.  In this film, you will see the Europeans that were involved with Lumumba's murder, discussing, and even laughing about, how they dismembered his body, and buried him.  You will even hear an American CIA agent, involved in the affair, discuss the CIA's plan to assassinate Lumumba by poisoning his toothpaste.  The CIA, and other secret agencies, are still involved with the overthrow of nation's governments, for personal financial gain, and this story is a good example of how it works.

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